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Quizlet is a useful app to help you improve your study habits using to a wide range of tools. The app can be used anywhere thanks to its flexibility and ease of use, letting you test your knowledge or review material without having to use your full concentration.

One advantage of this app is that the Quizlet community, made up of millions of active users, contributes on a daily basis to make this tool more efficient by providing notes, summaries, and learning games to help you better understand the subject or topic you want to master.

You can also create your own flash cards and other resources for more effective studying and allow other users to access your materials as well. It's possible to add images and audio if needed to make a comprehensive study guide.

Contributors who share their study materials can save all classes or notes to their profile so that if others are interested in a particular professor or a specific subject, they can consult all the content just by clicking on the name.